Friday, October 9, 2009

Wall Street is lame and stupid

I'm starting to really buy into the whole "Wall St is the source of all of this country's ills" thing, as it kinda turns out that a lot of those guys (and believe me, they are mostly guys) making craploads of money are complete dicks. And bear in mind that my Boy has been working on the Street for over 20 years, so you might rightly put him into that dick-ish category. But he's different, and maybe that's why this is so hard for him. Some of these guys have egos too big for the island of Manhattan, and one of them at least -- KR (otherwise known as the Liar) -- is just not a nice person at all.

Why am I agitated? My husband's prospective job has evaporated in the way that promises that aren't really every meant to be kept just kind of fizzle out. Like those mirages on the highway -- you see them and believe that they are there, and when the time comes, they are gone. Turns out that loyalty and past success and a handshake aren't really a substitute for a signed piece of paper in this world of ego and money, and that the last 4 weeks of the Boy's working for free in a consultant kinda role while HR pulled its act together were really just kind of a gift to a guy who already has so much that, in my view at least, he shouldn't be looking for handouts.

I suppose we should have known that it would be too easy if one of us acquired gainful employment without too much grief and stress, but then, well, that would be someone else's life now wouldn't it?

So now I have a really foul-tempered husband rattling around the house (and by rattling, I mean slamming doors, and muttering all manner of obscenities). My response? Be supportive to him but (a) try to figure out where this guy lives so I can mentally plan to go bitch him out and (b) internally begin to freak out that our health insurance is going to run out during the middle of our first IVF cycle....

Shit shit shit. Would catching a break really be that bad?


  1. I'm sorry. I hope things look better very soon. Thinking of you!

  2. My dh has worked on Bay Street (the Wall Street of Canada) for 20+ years and would totally agree with you. We went to see "Capitalism: A Love Story" last weekend & he loved it!