Tuesday, October 20, 2009

CVS and me

I'm inherently an optimist. I try like hell to be more cynical, but hope keeps elbowing in. Why is this relevant? Because for every single day since we started TTC in Oct 2008, I have taken either a folic acid tablet or some fancy prenatal vitamin. Every fucking day. Because, of course, I wanted my baby to be well nourished from the very start.

Over a year later, I'm starting to feel kind of stupid about renewing the Rx. Mostly because the same woman always gives me my meds at the local CVS at the same time she gives me another box of the OPK sticks. She's seriously the longest-term CVS employee ever, and I feel like she's starting to look at me with a combination of pity and confusion -- I mean how many times do I go in to pick these up?

Today, with the hugely pregnant woman behind me, I wanted to sink into the floor.


  1. Man, why won't she quit and go do something else? Stupid CVS lady! Who works anywhere for that long anymore? Sheeesh! We should pity her! She's the confusing one!

  2. Ugh. DH and I went into the dollar store to buy a few of the cheapie HPT's and I'm sure the girl behind the counter thought I was nuts for buying 5 of them. She looked confused, and the lady behind us in line was giving us the weird looks too. Who knows what they were thinking...
    That's why I like buying stuff online :)

  3. If you want to confuse her even more, you could buy your tampons then too. {hehehe} Yes, this is mess with CVS employee day! :)

  4. ((HUGS)) For a variety of reasons, I buy everything online. Though I do feel like the PNVs are mocking me everyday :( Kind of like, who are you kidding, why take us? :(

    Wishing you the best!

  5. Never thought about my trips to wally like that before...