Saturday, October 17, 2009

Presents in the mail

On Thursday we got a package from Fedex and were all excited to see that it was a very lovely (somewhat belated) wedding gift. Both the Boy and I really like the gift -- its a silver leaf-shaped platter with a lot of very lovely details --it's really quite beautiful and I can imagine using it to entertain. Of course, it would be easier to entertain properly if we had a dining room, a table that could fit more than 2 and more than 4 dining/ folding chairs, but I'm not getting too hung up on that.

On Friday we got another package from Fedex -- the box o' meds. Yipeee!
I freely admit that I spent way, way more time poring over the contents of this box than I did admiring our new gift. Remember when you got a present that had lots of little pieces and you took them out, examined each one, and imagined how all of the pieces would work together in some sort of big erector-set, train-set glory? That's kinda how I felt about getting a box full of needles and hormones. And you know what I really like? What made me smile the moment I saw it? The hazmat box. For some reason, that cracks me up.

I can't figure out whether it's my inner child, who just loves toys with loads of parts, whether it's my nerves about starting the IVF cycle, or whether I am just so relieved to finally be doing something that might bring us closer to getting pregnant that is making me so crazy excited about the arrival of the meds. Either way, my Boy thinks I'm a little nuts and has resisted my efforts at show-and-tell. He's promised that he will go through it all with me this weekend, so then I get to look at all of the shiny bits and pieces again. Yay!

Seriously, I write that and I think I have lost my mind. But I keep looking at the box o' meds and getting happy, as if a baby is just going to pop right out of there. I am clearly going to need to ratchet back my expectations of this thing big time, but right now, I'm pretty psyched to be getting off the sidelines and onto the field.


  1. I'm always excited about getting my meds too. There they are, all special and just for me. It's pretty cool. After so many cycles we have a kitchen full of needles and meds!! I will donate most of mine at sometime.
    I was given a great piece of advice with my first round of IVF. Get one of those plastic boxes with drawers to organize your meds and wipes etc.
    It keeps it all in one place and keeps it as clean as possible.
    Hope that helps.
    Good luck with the cycle!! And thank you for your support today.

  2. Thank you so much for your comment on my blog today. I took your advice and deleted the email, and then deleted it from the "trash".

    I'm starting IVF in a few weeks myself (in the "dummy" cycle right now) and can see myself getting excited about the meds too. Little boxes / needles / sharps bins (!) of hope :-)

  3. Congrats on getting your meds! It's a very exciting time, and I think you just let yourself enjoy it as much as possible :).

  4. Hehehe. Love the box o' meds. It's like xmas getting all of the fun and shiny stuff! I remember looking at the needles going, I'm going to stick that sucker into where? I remember being profoundly glad for my little belly! You have not lost your mind, you have joined the other crazies! :)