Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Holy moley how have 6 months gone by?

Sorry for the vast, unending silence from my end (is anyone still even reading this or waiting for updates?) I've been following along and commenting when I can, but I have found that time to sit and compose a real post is in short supply. Time, in general, seems to be in short supply, but more on that later.

So things are good. Really good.

My baby is 6 months old today and, well, unbelievably awesome.

A few items on what's going on with Mr. B:

- He eats. Man oh man does he eat. He is in love with bananas, and a pretty big fan of sweet potato, zucchini, peach and apple. Broccoli was not a winner, but he ate it when mixed into the all purpose yumminess of sweet potato. At this point he's eating about 4-5 oz a day in 2 meals. That doesn't keep him from downing about 32 oz of milk as well. He has decided that he wants to feed himself so he grabs the spoon and shoves it into his mouth. Super cute. Super messy, as he also shoves his hand in his mouth. Yum!

- He rolls. He pretty much decided that his tummy is where he wants to be, and he can get there very easily. It freaked me out in the beginning (my baby is going to DIE if he sleeps on his stomach! I need to flip him back over! He MUST be on his BACK!) but now, well, there is really nothing I can do. And he is fine. And it appears that he can roll the other way as well, as I have found him on his back the last two mornings. He hasn't yet figured out that rolling can get him places, but that will be soon, I'm sure.

- He (kind of) sits. He still has his hands on the floor or his lap, but he's getting the hang of it. Although he often decides his feet are more interesting and just folds right over so he can nom on his toes.

- He grabs. Everything. My glasses and hair are favorites, and are usually in his mouth in about 2 seconds. And he loves putting his hands in my mouth, and holding my face. And despite the fact that sometimes it hurts when he chooses to grab, I love it. I seriously cannot get enough of staring at each other with his hands on my face.

- He laughs. All the time. He laughs at toys, at his books, and funny sounds we make. He is a super happy kid, and I am so grateful.

- He sleeps. Here, I seem to have lucked out. He is in bed by 8pm every night, goes down without a fuss, and sleeps until about 6am. I'd love it if he slept until 7am, and I strongly discourage 5am (Yeah, that sucked.), but he sleeps at least 10 hours a night with no interruption, and that is f-ing awesome. Daytime sleep is less fabulous -- usually one good 1.5-2.5 hour nap and then several smaller 45 minute naps, but I'm not complaining.

He is, truly, the most wonderful thing that has ever happened to me -- I cannot believe how much I love this baby. I didn't even know that I could love this much. There are times, and they are frequent, that I look at him and just tear up because I am so grateful that I have a child, that I have this child.

I was playing peekaboo the other day with him and was hiding and said "Where's mommy? Here's mommy" and it hit me. "Mommy" isn't *my* mom hiding behind the burpcloth, it's actually me. He is my son and I am his mommy. And I will be always. And that is so wonderful and beautiful and perfect.