Monday, October 5, 2009

People get ready

I'm back from the homeland and trying to focus on things other than my mom's cancer and my inability to get pregnant.

What I should be doing today is getting the job search started so that we don't lose our health insurance.

What I am actually doing today is getting this IVF cycle up and running, so that I feel as if we are making forward progress. Here's the list:
- Spoke to clinic nurses to check on whether all pre-cycle tests are done. Apparently DH needs to get yet another SA since the motility and morphology numbers have been all over the map. We agreed to deep freeze some of his stuff as well -- he's had some trouble getting it done in the RE's office, and I will not be left sperm-less after the whole month-long cycle of shots. That would prompt an unpleasant incident I'd prefer to avoid.
- Spoke to insurance for the umpteenth millionth time to sort out who provides the drugs. THis has been unbelievably hard and complicated, and I suspect that it will continue to be a source of agita.
- Went to acupuncturist. She keeps telling me that I need to relax to ensure that the energy is flowing. I like her, she knows her stuff, and I always feel better once I am done. However, "just relax" has the (expected) result of stressing me out even more... Grrrr
- Went to grocery store. Yeah, I know this isn't directly related to TTC, but both the Boy and I are trying to lose a couple of pounds , and it's definitely healthier than take-out or eating out, and I think that it will be harder once on the drugs. (OK, full disclosure: I am trying to lose 15 lbs, since I am relegated to wearing the Boy's pants at this point.) But nothing takes my mind off of all that troubles me like planning and cooking meals, so it makes sense to put it on the list.

I feel much better about doing something, vs doing nothing -- it's just the waiting that makes me a little bit nutty. I'm just kinda anxious to get the show on the road.

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