Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Forward progress

Since I am just waiting for this cycle to start (thank you, RE, for your poorly timed lab closure last month), I have come up with 3 things on my IVF to do list:

- Call RE and get them to call in the order for meds for IVF v.1: check.

- Call scary evil health insurance company and confirm coverage and check on copays (the idea here being that they had already told me I was covered, but now that I know the specific meds, I'd rather not be surprised with a large bill): check, but it took literally 1.5 hours on the phone to get this sorted. Because I was not really pleased with their response "oh -- these drugs? we can't send these drugs to you... they are only covered if you have them sent to your MD and have them administer the injections. "
Ummm.... what? That's a new one. Sorry, but that's not the right answer today.
And so I basically held two people hostage on the phone until it was sorted. Boy referred to my approach as pleasant, but firm. Read: I can be a tremendous pain in the ass.

- Send the Boy for a test run at the Sperminator: check. All other samples he's been permitted to generate at home and then take the 10 min cab ride to drop off, but the RE really prefers in-office. This test run is basically to confirm that he can do this, so that I am not left high and dry on ER day. He just walked back into the apartment and (phew) he was able to get the job done. Although he came home less triumphant than I expected, and slightly more freaked out. He's really quite the sensitive little bunny, my Boy, and I think it just wasn't the warm, fuzzy experience he prefers. He kept muttering about bright fluorescent lights killing his mood.

So now I just keep looking at the calendar and waiting for day 21 to show up. I mean, I know when it is, but since we already got delayed a month, I am really impatient. Waiting. Waiting. Waiting. Not as much action as I would like, so I'm just trying to keep busy. I could do other useful things like look for a job, but that's less interesting. I mean, I will, but just not now.


  1. yeah, this whole thing is a monumental zen learning experience! Great news that your DH could ... er... perform at the lab. Mine had a similar reaction to the whole thing.
    What CD are you today?

  2. I'm at CD 12. 9 days and counting. Take care of yourself, EB.

  3. Those mail-order drug companies and insurance folks drive me nuts.

    Just when I thought I had all my meds ordered, my RE's prefered vendor told me, "all the injectables may or may not be covered by your insurance."


    Now I'm calling the insurance and THEIR specialty mail-order place to see if I can just get the meds directly from them. IF they can get me the meds by Friday.

    Meanwhile the bloodpressure is soaring and I already called up Mr. Jem in tears, "I need your help... wahhhhhhh!!"