Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Goddamn NYT

Quick rant on this: why does everyone who knows that we are having trouble TTC feel that its their business to send us the NYT articles about multiples and IVF and IUI?
(Yep, for those of you who missed it, Monday's paper had a followup. Spec-fucking-tacular)
What are they thinking? All of a sudden they are experts with opinions to share? I live in NYC- I get the damned paper, people. (incidentally, I usually heart the NYT, so this is tough for me to be so angry at them.)

Seriously, what are people thinking? And please don't even get me started on the vitriolic comments to the article on Sunday. Gargh!


  1. omg, that article had me wanting to pull my hair out! the comments were so evil, alot of a-hole opinions from holier-than-thou people. If you didn't happen to see this post, it was a funny rant on that same article:

  2. I don't mind the articles themselves so much -- but those comments.... gahhhh!!!

    Julie at A Little Pregnant had a great rant on this too:


  3. UGH! UGH! UGH! I wrote about this as well in my blog. Unfuckingbelievable that FERTILES would take the time to spew such self-righteous venom. I imagine most of to be fat smokers as well, who will be handing over their insurance cards to pay for their heart attacks and lung cancers.

    I read the second article, but didn’t even look at a single comment. Too infuriating.

  4. I know, me too. SO many people were just sending me that.

    Good luck.