Friday, October 9, 2009

Stepping away from the hampster wheel

First off, thanks for the advice. I know people don't mean to be insensitive, so I will try to be less touchy. I might actually tell them what I am feeling so that they are not relegated to reading my mind. (Turns out that isn't so effective as a communications technique.)

Second, I finally weighed myself after a month of dieting, and it turns out I have lost 5 lbs this month. Seriously, this makes me feel like the daily trips to the gym and the lack of cupcakes is worth it. Yay for me!

Third, one of my former colleagues sent me the partner elections from the firm I used to work for. I wasn't on it (obviously -- I no longer work there), but I actually didn't care and was able to be just happy for my friends who did get elected. It's so nice to finally say goodbye to that part of my life and be less driven about always having to "win." Don't get me wrong -- I still compete pretty hard (usually just with myself), but I'm super psyched to not have to perform for anyone else and to have made a proactive decision to step off of the treadmill. I love love LOVE having some of my life back and to be able to focus on being healthy, doing things that are important to me and to the Boy, and basically getting more of what I want and need. So today, when I say the new partner list, I realized that I finally can say that I don't need to be a partner to feel good about my career and myself, and I don't need to work 80-100 hours a week to feel like I am excelling. And that, to me at least, was a big, fat breakthrough and a huge relief.

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  1. we do the same thing. I expect people to read my min all the time then get annoyed when they do something 'wrong'.
    I shall follow your lead and say what I feel and think and want.

    and yay for embracing the real life challenges - everything that matters happens outside of our work.