Sunday, November 29, 2009

TSA surprise

Last time I wrote, I was all sorts of anxious about going through airport security with my pharmacy supply worth of drugs and needles. Turns out no one cared a bit. So for all of you women out there worried about traveling with your injectable medication -- worry no more, at least if you are flying to either Newark or Cleveland. My suggestion is to carry note from the RE just in case.

But shouldn't someone care that I brought 6 syringes with large mixing needles, 5 small needles, and a mandoline (Japanese cooking tool with very sharp blade for slicing vegetables) with me in my carry-on luggage? I certainly don't feel a lot safer in the air.

But other than that, Thanksgiving was wonderful (more on that later) and I'm 4 days into my stim shots. Turns out that the men.opur/ cocktail stings a bit going in. But overall, not too bad.


  1. I'm glad that TSA didn't give you a hard time at least, although that is kinda funny. And they don't allow knitting needles still? Weird...

  2. So glad you were able to fly with the meds, but a MANDOLINE?? Sheesh, those things are dangerous!
    Seriously now, I am glad it was not a hassle, and hope you are doing great.


  3. I agree with mekate....seriously, they let a mandoline through? You must have had the TSA employee of the month! lol. Glad your shots are going well!