Friday, November 6, 2009

Big fat waste of time

I had a job interview today. That's generally a good thing, even though I keep telling the Boy that I'd prefer not to go back to work. But it's an interview for a position that would be pretty interesting and pay quite well, so I'm generally ok with it.

One thing about this company -- it is in New Jersey. Now that's not really that big of a deal, and I have had many clients from my old job out in NJ, but when I do, I get a rental car (it's true -- many people in NYC do not own cars. Case in point: me.). But for a one hour interview, I did the math and it was way cheaper to take the train and then a taxi.

My schedule:
6.20 awake
6.30-7 take dog out for a quick run
7-8 get ready and eat breakfast
8 leave house via subway to train station
8.47 train to NJ
10 train arrives at destination
10.10 taxi pickup scheduled
11 interview.

I made it through steps 1-5 before something got screwed up. And that something was that my interviewer had no power at her house and therefore could not get her car out of the garage to get to work.

So at 9.50am I received a call from the assistant to my interviewer cancelling our meeting. I was one station away from my destination. I had spent ~$25 on subway and train fare. I was wearing a suit, makeup, and heels. But I got off of the train and waited 25 minutes for the return train and then went home. I was away from home for exactly 4 hours, and accomplished exactly nothing.

I'm vaguely peevish about the whole thing, but at least I'm home and back in my fleece pants and sweater eating homemade soup. As part of my "stop whining" initiative, I am determined to make the best of it.


  1. Ugh, how annoying! Your interviewer couldn't call a cab?

    Sorry you had a wasted morning :(.

  2. I'm sorry for your shitty cyst, I have not had a functional one, can they drain it? I am so sorry, what a pain in the butt.

    And, I want you to come and cook for me,--YUM>

    And, I am sorry you spent money and time in heels and makeup for no good reason other than a roadtrip, gah.

    Wishing you some easy sailing, a quickly resolving cyst, and a successful cycle!

    Thank you so much for you sweet, supportive comments on my blog. It matters more than I can say.