Tuesday, December 1, 2009

First stim check

Things appear to be moving along, which is pretty good. From this morning's US (after 5 days of gon.al-f and men.opur) here's what we see:
-right ovary: 2 follicles < 10mm
- left ovary: 1 at 13mm, 1 at 12mm, 1 at 11mm, 2 < 10mm
- lining 6mm

I know it's early, and I'm sure I'm just being my annoying overacheiver self, but wtf is with the right ovary? Seriously, this isn't all that great, and it makes me worried about this cycle.

Trying to relax, and went to acupuncture and had a good sleep, but still not entirely sanguine about these numbers.


  1. It think you're still okay for day 5 of stims. I have the same thing, my right ovary produced 90% of my follies. I could pretty much do without leftie.

  2. We're cycle buddies! I had my first stim check today, too. Keeping my fingers crossed that all goes well for you.


  3. Well, you're clearly a leftie. It sounds like ifcrossroads knows what she's talking about. I have no expertise in this area, but I have follicle-envy all the same! ;-) Wishing you well!

  4. I'm a rightie, and I get it too. But no matter how you look at it, you have 6 in contention and that is a whole lot more than 0. I'm pulling for you!

  5. I'll let the "vets" reassure you, because I have no clue about the numbers, but I'm rooting for you :)