Thursday, November 5, 2009

Moving on

I think I am mostly recovered from the crappy day I had yesterday. I finally got to talk to my RE (let's call her Dr. T) and we came up with a plan that could work. Here's the final answer:
wait for my period and then start stims on day 2 and then add in gan.erelix. I still need to go over all of the details with a nurse, but this should keep things moving along and will avoid the risk of another lu.pron induced cyst.

Possible complications -- my body has decided to rejoice in it's lack of lu.pron and has -- against all predictions -- decided to start spotting and getting all crampy. Awesome. Not exactly what I was looking for, since its pretty clear that the cyst isn't going to be gone yet.

So what does this mean? This means that I could totally get screwed since if I get my period either after tomorrow or before 24 Nov. Because if it comes in that middle period I will be out of town during some critical time of monitoring or retrieval or transfer. I'd drag the whole family here for Thanksgiving if my grandfather wasn't 94 and hooked up to a dialysis machine 3x a week. So I'll get over it and we will just move on when we can.

After a period of bitching, I spent a good chunk of the afternoon yesterday basically doing things that make me happy -- I went to the local/ organic butcher that just opened and bought all sorts of yummy meats for the next round of hearty (and healthy) fall cooking. I also went to the regular grocery store and bought all sorts of yummy organic fruits and veggies so now we are all set. I made yummy miso-marinated scallops with poached asparagus and watched a movie while the Boy was out with friends. And for tonight I have an Amish-raised chicken coated with fresh tarragon butter and roasting in the oven . I do love roast chicken.

So I am just doing things that make me happy -- reading good books, cooking, going to the gym -- and trying to not focus on what is going on with this cycle. No other approach really makes sense unless I want to make myself completely crazy.


  1. Keeping busy to stay sane - sounds like a plan :). I'll be praying that AF cooperates so you don't have to stress about Thanksgiving!

    All that food sounds fantastic :)

  2. I'm glad you're feeling a bit better, and I like your approach re: trying to stay sane. Roasted chicken makes almost anything better!