Saturday, November 7, 2009

Wonder of wonders (and I need your advice!)

Miracle of miracles.

Not only did my period arrive yesterday (accompanied by the worst cramps I have ever EVER experienced), but I went in for day 2 b/w and u/s this morning and...
(wait for it)
the cyst is GONE!

My RE, who I am starting to adore, gave me two options:
- start f + men.opur cocktail tonight, add gan.irelix after 6-7 days (depending on how things look) and get this cycle wedged in before my departure for Thanksgiving (morning of Wed 25 Nov).
- start bcp tonight through 23 Nov, and start stims on 26 Nov. (3 weeks behind original plan)

Why is there any question?
Assume I stim for 10 days, then ER is on 18 Nov and 5dt on 23 Nov and we are all good. Stim for 11 days -- also all good. Stim for 12 days or 6dt? I have to move our plane tix for the busiest travel day of the year and tell my mom that she will have to cook (it's my turn this year).

I know that it's not entirely correlated, but I responded like gangbusters to clo.mid and had 11 big follicles when they checked after 6 days. And there is nothing in my hormone levels to lead me or the RE to believe that I will not be a very good responder.

But do I want to make myself crazy for 10 days?

The Boy is still sound asleep (sloth!) so I don't know his preference.
What would you do?


  1. I'm all about the now-now-now. I'd thank whatever deity is listening about the disappearance of the cyst & get going! Woohoo!

  2. I understand the concern about having to change plans and inconvenience and all that, but I'm a do-it-now girl myself...I say go for it if you can! Either way, yay disappearing cyst and yay for moving forward!

  3. Six months ago I'd have said charge right on! But then the hubby insisted on waiting until August, to my chagrin. Surprisingly, those three months passed fairly quickly. August rolls around, new job, uncertainty, he decides can we wait three more months? Furious, but what choice do I have?

    We are now on the cusp (FINALLY) of IVF#1. I never thought I could wait this long. . . .but have been pleasantly surprised that the time has passed fairly quickly. (We've been at this baby-making thing for seven years already -- I guess its perspective?) Anyway, I vote for convenience over now-now-now. Never thought I'd say that, but in the big scheme of things, does three weeks matter all that much?

    Just my two cents.


  4. I say go for it! Waiting blows. Worst case: if you have to change a plane ticket, it will work out, your mom will understand. Best case scenario: you will get both right on time! :)

  5. Congratulations! and how great is that? I would say go for it, but only you can know if the tradeoffs/uncertainty is worth it. The antagon cycle is short, I usually end up stimming for 9 days or less total... just so you know.

    good luck no matter what you choose, I am so very glad that cyst is gone! Miracles!


  6. Do it now - don't wait! How wonderful if you could be pregnant by CHristmas! Good luck - xxoo