Tuesday, November 17, 2009


I have three major projects going on right now:
- find a job
- lose weight and get into better shape so that I feel and look better
- have a baby

Now, each of those projects takes a fair amount of time and energy, and not all of the goals are actually consistent -- case in point, I would prefer not to be starting a new job and pregnant at the same time, but I guess that's just the way the world works out. (Note the implicit assumption that both of these things will work out pretty well in the near term. Still holding out hope that everything will just work out ok.)

So I've actually made a good deal of progress on these, and I thought I'd share what's going on.

Starting with the "don't be such a fatty" project, since the beginning of September I have actually lost the 12-15 lbs I packed on this past year (I was clearly unrestrained in my consumption) and am in better cardiovascular shape than I have been in a while. My flexibility and strength are coming back steadily and I feel pretty good and can fit into my clothes. I just have 10 lbs more to go to reach the 30-year-old goal weight. One annoyance: I apparently overdid it on some of the weights and aggravated an old shoulder injury, but I'm back at PT 2x a week, and so that is good all around.

The baby? Well, we've acknowledged that we need a little help, since our monthly efforts were not paying off in a reasonable time period. That was a pretty big step for us, especially the Boy. And although IVF v.1.1 had to be cancelled earlier this month b/c of an evil cyst, we are still on track to finish a cycle by early Dec. I just went back in yesterday because I was having some painful cramping on the left side, which was site of evil cyst, but both ovaries look good and quiet, which is how it all should be with the bcps I am presently taking. I'm back in on Monday and then start stims (assuming period comes after ending bcps) on the 26th. Right now, I'm just trying not to be focused on the baby making because there is really nothing at all going on. Just more waiting and a daily pill. No shots, no drama -- nothing.

Lastly, the job. Now, let me preface this by stating that I would be perfectly happy not to work any more, ever. I think that I have put in enough hours of working in the last 17 years since I graduated college that it should cover me until I am at least 55. But since the Boy's job search is quite slow, and we do need food and shelter, I am looking to head back to work. And I got a second job offer yesterday, and have a whole bunch more interviews set up this week, so I hope to receive another couple of offers in the near term (before year end). Woo hoo!
I'm overall quite pleased about how things are working out, and while I wish that I could have a little bit more certainty in my life, this is a positive step forward.

That's it from this part of the internet. I like forward progress, and so am pretty happy about where things are. Off to another interview... (is it bad I'd rather have a nap?).

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  1. I'm sure anyone would prefer a nap over a job interview! I hope it went well.

    Congratulations on the weight loss! That's fantastic :)