Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Today, I am a crazy person

I've managed to keep the crazy at bay for the most part for the last six days.  But today?  Today I can barely focus on a simple task because all I can think about is tomorrow's u/s.  Which, for those who want to tune in, is at 3.30 pm.

I've been having some brown spotting, which I know is nothing to be worried about (but of course it makes me anxious nonetheless), still having some pulling/ stretching feelings from down below, and am a bit tired and constantly starving, but otherwise... crickets.  No other symptoms. And frankly I'm probably tired because B gets up at 6am.

29 hours seems like a long time from now.  Maybe if I actually did some work (heaven forfend) the time would go faster?


  1. I hope the hours between now and then go quickly (even though I know they won't). I hate the waiting. I'd rather have 29 hours of root canal. I used to have fantasies of hijacking an ultrasound machine (or holding up my gynecologist's office) just so that I could know already.

    I'm crossing every last thing for tomorrow.

  2. Yeah, that last day before an u/s is totally nervewracking. Can you do anything distracting tonight like watching a movie after B goes to bed?

  3. Hoping you have a wonderful scan on Thursday till then watch trashy TV.

  4. I'm impressed you kept it together until now, I'd be a mess the whole wait :)

    Good luck tomorrow!! I'll be thinking of you!

  5. Uggh, 3:30 is sooo late. What a heinous wait. I hope you get some sleep at least...

    Please, Tomorrow, bring our girl some wonderful news. PLEASE.

  6. Ditto on hijacking an ultrasound. Sending great thoughts with you as you head to the appointment.