Thursday, May 3, 2012

And in other news...

My darling, wonderful, light of my life baby boy had his 15 month check up today.

First words out of the pediatrician's mouth? "So, I see you aren't getting any smaller!"

Baby boy is HUGE: 34" and 29lbs (before breakfast)!

But he was charming and chatty and did all of his excellent trained monkey tricks (he says his name when asked, he quacked when I showed him a duck, he said please and thank you) and only howled a bit when he got his shots (he has to get them in his arm because his legs are too fat).

Here's a gratuitous picture of my very cute (yea, I'm biased) little boy on a carousel.  He wasn't entirely sure what to think of it, but mommy and daddy and gramma all had a great time. And he is wearing his (my) favorite shirt with a rooster on it (thank you, mini-Boden for making cute little boy clothes without trucks or skateboards or footballs).


  1. Cute!!!

    And WOW, yes, LG was 26 lbs at age 2, and she wasn't particularly small!

  2. *dies of the cuteness* He is such a total sweetheart. You guys do good work!

    A friend of mine recently had a large baby. For some reason it never really sunk in for me just how hard it is to have a great big one until she started telling me stuff all the time! Making enough milk for one, carrying one around, having it grow out of its car seat instantly... I'm sure you wouldn't have him be any other way, but oof! Big babies are big bundles of love, huh?

  3. Adorable rooster! What a sweet big boy you've got. My nephew was a big 'un and my sister had a heck of a time keeping up with clothing. When he was a bit older, people found it confusing that he wasn't as talkative as other four-year-olds when he was in fact, only 3. :)

    Darling, darling, darling photo. Like Bunny sez, you do good work!

  4. Good lord, he is huge!! And super-cute! My daughter at 15 months was only 21.5 lbs!! And my arms are tired from just carrying her - you must have the most toned arms ever!

    I love mini-boden too!

  5. He is getting big. But that is good or so I'm told! lol

  6. what a genius giant! you should be super proud! M is like 24 pounds & she's pretty big for her age too... yes, you must have awesome arms! I really cant get over B's language skills. That is amazing!

  7. Wow what a cutie!!

    I'm with you on the boy clothes. I'm all about the animal clothes. Why Must all boy clothes have forms of transportation? Or superheroes?