Friday, December 18, 2009

Double Ouch

Ever since about 4 hours after the trigger shot, my boobs have been killing me. That's how I knew the HCG was in my bloodstream, because I got up from the sofa and immediately flung a protective arm across my chest.

This is not your average "I'm about to get my period" hurting, this is no shit "if I don't strap these down in a jogbra they may break off" hurting. And it's not getting better at all... And may be getting worse. Case in point, I am wearing my pajamas and my jogbra. To bed. Again. I would wear the bra in the shower if I could.

I wish I could say "ooh look, an early symptom that this worked" but since it's been going on since before ET, even at my most delusional I don't think that I would buy that logic.


  1. I've actually heard women DO wear the jogbra in the shower. I've had sore boobs before, but nothing that bad, so I can only imagine how awful it feels :(.

    Is it mean to say that I hope they stay sore? Hopefully not, because what I'd really be trying to say was I hope you are pregnant :).

  2. I feel you, hon! That's always my worst symptom from the trigger, too. I, however, am not feeling such effects any longer -- and since you still are, I can't help but take that as a good sign. Have you POAS to see if the trigger is out of your system? If it is, then this just might be the real deal.

    Keeping fingers, toes, etc. all crossed for you!


  3. Even if you won't, I'm hoping those boobies are a great sign!!