Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Retrieval day - updated

18 eggs were retrieved today, which I am feeling very positive about. I'm sure that there will be attrition in fertilization, etc, but it makes me pretty psyched that we are starting with a large number.

The drama this morning came when, as I was sitting in the recovery room.... Long story short, but all worked out, and its a good thing we live only 10min by car from the RE :-).

And now? Lovely husband made me brunch and I am parked on the sofa with a heating pad and a whole lot of liquids. There is definitely a nap and a movie in my near future. So far, I feel pretty ok, but have had a couple brief episodes of rather spectacular cramping. Somehow, I didn't expect that. But I'm just pleased that now my grapefruit-sized ovaries can shrink back down and stop being so uncomfortable.

There was a nap, and 2 fluffy movies, and the boy made dinner and bought me an enourmous cupcake. Yippee!


  1. Aww, your poor hubby. I'm glad that you guys live so close that that was even an option.

    And congrats on the 18 eggs retrieved! That's a great number, and I'll be keeping my fingers crossed that fertilization goes well :).

  2. Wow congrats on such a great number!! Nice that your hubby is spoiling you! Best wishes and luck.

  3. Wow, 18 is great! You'll have a nice big chunk to choose from for transfer, I bet. And poor hubby! We live an hour away so if my DH had to go home, we'd be in trouble. But they'll always let us do the sample at home and drive it in, they said it's fine as long as you can get it there in 90 minutes.

    But anyhoo, enjoy being an almost-PUPO and let hubby wait on your hand and foot! Tell those grapefruits to behave!

  4. 18 is fabulous! Can't wait to hear the fert report tomorrow.

    You never said what the hubby panicked about. Just curious.

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  6. 18!! Wow - even better than my 20-something donor- you rock! Poor hubby - glad he was able to have success at home. I hope you get an equally fabulous fert report.

  7. Man! That's a dozen and a half! That's crazy awesome! So thrilled for you! Hope you enjoy some nice R&R! Fingers crossed for you guys!

  8. Yay! What a great number! And just a few days ago we were worried that the numbers seemed low. I'm one day behind you -- retrieval tomorrow. Glad to hear that it wasn't so bad, because I am very nervous! Keeping everything crossed for you!!!!!!!!!


  9. wow!! 18 is amazing! you deserve all the rest you can get. Congratulations!