Saturday, July 3, 2010

Uh oh.

Tonight is our lastest night of vacation before we head back into the oppressive heat on the East Coast. It's been good -- really nice -- to be away and even better to be able to relax a wee bit and try to enjoy being happy and grateful for actually getting pregnant for the first time ever.

We still have some trouble buying into the idea that it is not all some elaborate ruse, but considering two labs in two cities in two countries gave us positive confirmation, we are forced to confront the fact that it may not be a hoax.

I'm still feeling pretty much nothing. No sore boobs, no change in how they look at all (I ask every time I get undressed, and still nothing). However the cramping is real and I have to be honest it scares me to death even though I know that many women experience it. But if any of you want to tell me that it's ok, I'm all ears.

Here's the specifics -- sometimes it feels like sharper pains in the front middle area (essentially where my uterus is), more on the right than the left, but its definitely all around. Some low back achiness like when I get my period, which is a newer phenomenon.

Teensy eensy bit of spotting two days ago, which is hard to discern given the amount of progesterone I am shoving up into my nether regions. Just a few minutes ago, some darker pink spotting. And so I am starting to get scared that I am losing this.

I was able to get an u/s appointment for Wednesday 7 June with my RE -- I know it's early to see much (5w6d), but I'd like to know something more than I do already.

Mostly, I'd like to fast forward a whole lot of weeks to be just adorably, roundly pregnant. Because this? This is scary. So any confirmation that I am ok would be awesome.


  1. Oh, sweetie - I can't imagine not feeling worried if I were you, but at the same time I have read so many accounts of cramping and spotting and more (and yet no symptoms you would expect) at this stage and all is perfectly fine. From what I've seen, the 7 week point is when the morning sickness and other stuff seem to hit. I'm glad you have an appointment Wednesday to get some reassurance. Is there any way to keep getting betas, too, so you can see they are continuing to rise? Thinking lots of good thoughts for you!

  2. I've had spotting for 2 of my 3 pregnancies. The one I didn't spot was the one with the barely there beta. Go figure. With LG, it was mostly from 5-7 weeks. It might be related to implantation, or you might actually be causing it by shoving the progesterone up your nether regions, as you put it :) Probably nothing, but I agree with Maddy: get another beta if you're worried.

  3. cramping? NORMAL
    mine was significant sometimes, and then nothing,then significant.
    I did not get any real symptoms until later.
    exhaustion came first
    no sore boobs
    nor barfiness
    those came later and came on sort of slowly.
    so do not judge your pregnancy by symptoms.

    I kept peeing on sticks, seeing that second line, it was my affirmation my confirmation. and I agree with Gwinne and Maddy, another beta can be helpful to sanity too.

    the seventh is just 3 days from now, 3 sleeps. you'll see a sac and may see a heartbeat, so it is totally worth going even though it is early.

    believe this if you can
    but the good news? your pregnancy does not rely on your belief. Trust me on this, I know.

    cannot wait to hear your good news on wednesday.


  4. We're encroaching 15 weeks, and it all still feels like an elaborate ruse to me. (I'm honestly wondering if that sinking worry ever dissipates?)

    Cramping? SO NORMAL. I had pulling sensations before my first beta and had cramping all throughout the first trimester. I got so used to feeling the cramping that when it would stop (which would only be for a day or two) I would start to worry about THAT. I still have sporadic cramping.

    And I had a scary moment of spotting with the progesterone, too. I was advised by the nurse at our RE's office that progesterone makes your cervix very vascular and sensitive and prone to bleeding...

    I know that this will only bring you a mild amount of comfort... When everyone told me the same things, I was still like, "Whatever!" I have never been more of a worrier or doubter than I have since we started this cycle!

    Happy travels, safe return, and good luck on Wednesday!

  5. I'm not quite there yet (beta Thursday), but I feel like I will be the same way, wondering about every cramp, twitch and spot. From what I read, it all sounds normal and I'll be thinking of you Wednesday! Have a safe trip home, welcome back to the sauna. :)

  6. When I had my miscarriage, it started with more than just pink spotting. It was bleeding. Dark red, really red blood. I woke up with doubling-over type of cramps. It was very clear that something wasn't right. And, to be really graphic, there were tissue clots in the blood.

    Good for you for pushing to see the dr earlier than originally planned. It is much more important that you have as much peace of mind as you can. Who cares if the dr's office thinks you are a paranoid nut-case?

  7. So happy for you and hope you can enjoy this time (even though I know that it is hard to see through the anxiety). I hope you have a good scan this week.

  8. sending *hugs* just because. i'm sure everything is 100% normal, and it just sucks that you have to feel these moments of panic. wishing very hard for you that the spotting goes away real soon and that it's just due to the stupid suppositories. i've heard if you shove them up too far (which is what i did) then the spotting happens. as opposed to just putting it in like a normal person would (i shoved them as far as i could physically manage for fear they would fall out, hahahaha).

    you'll have that adorably rounded belly in no time, and then you can answer all my crazy questions when i get to where you are :o) xoxoxo!!

  9. Ugh, I know all of this!! But cramping - especially odd, unusual cramping (not your usual period cramping) is likely just uterine stretching. I've had this pretty much the whole time (I'm at 12 weeks now). I'm not sure if I just have a sensitive ute that I feel all of this, but it is really common, as confirmed by both RE and OB. I also had spotting, and bleeding, and everything is still ok. I was shocked many times to find out I was still pregnant after all the stuff that was leaking out of me. And I didn't have boob issues til at least week 6-7 even with PIO and suppositories, so don't read too much into that. Ditto nausea, not til week 7-8.

    So hang in there. Everything you are describing is not unusual. Hopefully the RE can give you some reassurance.

  10. Holy crap, congratulations!!!!! Soooo exciting!

    I too had serious cramping which has largely abated by now. I still get occasional uterine ACHING, but the cramping lasted only until about week 6 or so. Especially right after orgasm.

    Can't wait to hear the result of your ultrasound!

  11. I'm really glad you got an U/S appointment for Wednesday - at this point, it's important to know what's going on in there. For sanity's sake! All of what you describe is normal (and I've heard exactly those symptoms from women who have had entirely normal and blissfully boring pregnancies). I am crossing EVERYTHING for you, and that you see good things on Wednesday.

    As for the heat...I'd say welcome back to the swelter, but I wouldn't wish it on anybody:)

  12. Hoping so much that everything is OK. Please update us when you get a chance. Sending all the positive thoughts in the universe for your appointment on Wednesday.