Tuesday, July 6, 2010

And in further news...

The spotting stopped Sunday. Phew. There were only two bright pink spots and then a bunch of brown, so hopefully it was just an errant progesterone suppository.

I still am light on the symptoms, but here they are:
- acne like a 14 year old (charming)
- compliments on how healthy my hair looks (even from the women who was waxing my eyebrows -- she told me they looked very healthy and luxuriant. It was pretty amusing as she was taking the hair out.) And no hair falling out at all when I brush/ shower.
- crampy pulling feeling from the uterine area.
- constipation. This is not so awesome. I have tried prunes, but since those just caused a prodigious amount of gas when I ate them on vaca (sorry -- TMI) and I am back at work today, I thought I'd hold off. So I am drinking water and eating fruit trying to get things moving.
- gagging/ queasy feelings a couple of times a day
- awful taste in my mouth all the time
- constantly starving, until I feel queasy, and then starving again
- tired. Really tired.
- the thirst. Oh the thirst. All I do is drink and pee.

OK -- that was a longer list than I had expected, but I still think that this whole thing ended already and that tomorrow afternoon I will be shown an empty uterus and told to try again next time. And I can't tell whether I'm making myself nauseated from nerves and over-googling, or whether it is real. Either way, I've given it a 65% chance of being there -- slightly better than even odds, but I'm managing my expectations downwards.

Thank you all for making me feel better about the spotting and cramping, btw. It really helped. Of course it didn't stop me from obsessively googling about this stuff and realizing how many things can go wrong. But it helped me from being a complete wingnut.

26 more hours to find out what's up. This is hard. Still exciting, but hard.


  1. I think after all you've endured, it would be impossible not to expect the worst. BUT I expect the best for you. We're here taking deep breaths with you and hoping the time will fly. Which it totally won't. But hey!

    And a fellow blogger had success with prune JUICE. I tell you this because you're going to need to know for the next several months.

  2. Hang in there! Praying for a beautiful beating heart tomorrow!!

  3. Along with bunny, I am firmly expecting nothing but the best for you tomorrow! That pulling sensation was the most unique symptom I had--it was like nothing else I'd ever experienced. And I second the prune juice suggestion, as I have had, erm, explosive success with it (well, until now, that is.)

    Anway, keeping you in my thoughts! :)

  4. all my appendages are crossed for you tomorrow. all of those symptoms sound like a good thing to me!

  5. Your symptoms sound amazing! You lucky girl!

    I hope you read my comment yesterday before it was deleted off the face of the earth... but basically it just said congratulations-- 65%, please. I am giving you at least a 90% here. Probably higher. Look at your amazing symptoms and betas!!!

    Looking forward to tomorrow's news!!!

  6. It is hard. Waiting...it just sucks. But I think that list looks like a CLASSIC pregnancy symptom list. The constipation...ach. It's a real pain. I think the progesterone (I'm pretty sure you're on this) doesn't help. Crossing fingers and toes for that ultrasound. And for some peace of mind.

  7. i'm willing the time to speed up for you so that you can get to your appt and some good news! i'm sure the anxiety is building, but i'm sooo hopeful and expectant to hear good news from you on thurs :o) xoxo

  8. a suggestion for your constipation -- make a fruit smoothie and put 1/4 cup of uncooked oat bran in it. constipation is a problem for someon in my house so we've been doing this for years for breakfast every morning and it really helps. i don't know if it works well for pregnancy constipation, but might be worth a try. I buy it in bulk at my local fancy/organic food store.

  9. Good luck with tomorrow's u/s!

  10. thinking of you right now-
    hope ALL is wonderfully well.

    when you feel queasy, eat. I know it is crazy but it helped me survive.