Tuesday, June 29, 2010

I heart socialized medicine - Updated

Sorry for the long absence and delay in posting -- I've been navigating the Canadian health care system, and it hasn't been all that easy.

Although I tested yesterday, results from the lab were not available until this morning. So I walked into the walk-in clinic this morning, before the nurse could look up to say hello, I saw the printout with my name on it.

My beta as of 13dp5dt is... 1326!

Holy shit!

I appear to still be pregnant, and am thankful, relieved, and still in a state of complete disbelief that this appears (for the moment at least) to have actually worked. Maybe it's because for month after month there was just so much defeat and disappointment I am having trouble actually accepting that this is working, but it seems completely theoretical and like it's happening to someone else.

I spoke to my RE's office and the plan is to get an u/s in 1-2 weeks. I'm presently scheduled for next Tuesday, but think I am going to swap to the following week so that we can see my RE. It just seems like such a long time to get no news, after a process where I am monitored every 24-48 hours. 7-14 days? Are they kidding? But I'd rather see my RE, so I think we will hold out. But I'm not sure I can wait. I'll sleep on it before I make a decision to switch (yeah, I know, it's a lot of thinking for a relatively small decision).

So now we are on the far west coast of Vancouver Island with slightly easier internet access than we have had for the last 3 days in Vancouver, so I will try to catch up with reading.

Thank you to all for your wonderful support and comments.

Updated with symptoms, per request :-)

I have very few. Seriously, this is all a great mystery to me, as my boobs hurt more after the trigger shots than they do now.
I do have persistent unslakable thirst (and the corresponding repeated trips to the bathroom from trying to quench it). Otherwise, I got nothin'. (There is some crampiness that feels like ovulation cramping but in the center, but since I only feel it on the days I get the beta numbers, we are convinced it is completely psychosomatic.)


  1. Wow!!! That is one great beta!

  2. i've been hitting refresh all day, wondering when you were going to post!! awesome second beta!!! i hope you can breathe a sigh of relief that you've passed another hurdle!! hope you're having an awesomely relaxing time away and still have that stupidly happy look on your face (is that how you phrased it in the last post?) :o) xoxo

  3. yay!!! yay!!! yay!!! Congrats on the second awesome beta. So happy for you guys :)

  4. This is all so awesome!

    Big important question here for the rest of us. Do you have any symptoms yet???

  5. Fantastic! Congratulations on your pregnancy! Enjoy!

  6. Stellar second beta! Squeee! :)

  7. EXCELLENT!! And I know what you mean, all that monitoring, all those infernal appointments, blood-checks, wandings and then...waiting. It's terrible!! But your beta is beautifully high. This is looking good.

  8. Whoooo-hoooooo! Great, fantastic, awesome second beta!! You are pregnant! I'm just so very happy for you!! :)

  9. I am a first time visitor, here via "inbetween". I wanted to stop by and say congratulations. Inbetween shared your link with me in a momment of despair, wondering if I would ever have children on the right side of 35, nearing 40. I love finding happy endings! Enjoy this moment, you deserve it!!! xoxoxoxox

  10. Yippee! Awesome second beta! Love to hear some good news!

    Thanks for your encouraging comment on my blog.

  11. Congratulations! I'm happy for you. :-)