Thursday, April 1, 2010

Kids day at the office

Apparently today is "bring your adorable 3yo to work day" and I missed the message. There have been (and still are) 4 kids just wandering through today, and frankly I have had enough.

Other exciting work-related fertility quotes from today?
- From the 45yo mother of one of the kids "yeah -- I thought it might be hard for me to get pregnant at 42, but it happened, like, instantly."
- From a woman whose 45yo sister is pregnant with her 4th child "My brother-in-law didn't really want another kid, and thought there was little chance his 44yo wife would actually get pregnant. I guess she just really really wanted this baby."
- From the father of one of the kids here today (in response) "My wife was 38 with our first and 40 with our second -- I just needed to look at her and she got pregnant. You hear about these people trying and trying -- I just can't relate at all."

I'm swollen and bruised from the shots, and I hate that it is not just as easy for me.
But still.
I am swollen because this is working. and it will work. and one day it will be me with the kid in the office. But I will be sensitive and not parade them through, because there may be someone here whose heart is breaking because it is not so easy for them either.

I am breathing deeply so as to retain that sense of calm and peace from yesterday. It's mostly working but I wish the kids would go away.


  1. Ah, so that's the trick?! I just need to WANT this more! I wish someone had told me that a couple of years ago. That's SO much easier than forking over thousands of dollars and injecting all kinds of frightening drugs into my belly. How silly of me...

  2. Oh good LORD!!! Those people should be smacked. And then their kids smuggled into your car and back to your house pronto. (Totally kidding :))
    Seriously though, who SAYS that kind of stuff?!

  3. that really sucks, dear. I'm sorry you had to see those kids rushing around at work. Before I got pregnant I couldn't even look at pictures of kids. Which is kind of strange, because if we didn't love them we wouldn't want them.

  4. I don't know how you got through the day without slapping someone! Sorry you had to go through that, and well done for making it.

  5. OMG. How horrible to deal with. My office always seems to be full of kids, too, and I just want to hide sometimes. But, I've never had to deal with such crazy comments! I'm so sorry!