Friday, April 2, 2010

Cycle update

So today is day 10 of the medication and this morning I went in for another look around. Here's where we are:

Left: 7 follicles, largest at 17.5mm
Right: 6 follicles, largest at 16mm

Estrogen was 580 on Wednesday; he expects it to be over 1000 today. Last time my E2 was super low throughout, and was only 1100 when 17 follicles were there. So who knows. My attempts to really understand this are failing, so I am just going to go with it.

Back in on Sunday, with a trigger likely that evening. I'm trying to drink a ton of water, as I am getting to be pretty uncomfortable. But I am not complaining, as that just means this is working.

I'm feeling positive and hopeful. The weather is gorgeous, and I am going to take lots of long walks this weekend.

Please, universe, don't toy with me.


  1. I'll echo that plea to the universe! Hoping things continue on track. Enjoy the great weather this weekend :).

  2. Looks fantastic! In this past successful IVF for me, my E2 was bounds higher than it ever was and I had a MUCH bettr response, fert rate and quality embryos. E2 should be 100-200 per follie as they're maturing, so your last cycle was particularly low, it sounds like this cycle you'll be much more in that 100-200 range. Most say that high E2 correlates to better egg quality and it seemed to prove out with me, so you're looking good! :)

  3. You are doing great! Sorry 'bout the discomfort. I hope hope hope hope hope it will pay off!!!

  4. See, slow is good. You are doing great, and bloat, while it feels yucky, is a very good sign. Your E2 sounds like it is better this cycle too. All good news!

  5. Sounds like great progress. I really hope the next check is an excellent one!