Thursday, September 24, 2009


So I live in New York City. When we moved into this apartment, we thought about proximity to the park (there is a big dog in our family that likes to run around), public transportation, and other amenities and convenience. We didn't think about schools because kids were far down the road. (Alas, we didn't quite think it would be this far....)

Turns out, I live in the 10-block zone for the best public elementary school in all of New York City. How do I know this? I know this because one of my "friends" -- and here I will use quotes because I think that she may have crossed the line into "frenemy" category -- spent an hour going on and on about how lucky I was that I lived in school district X, and how that would save so much money on private school, at least during primary school, and how she really wishes that she and her husband had thought about that before buying a fancy big apartment across town, since now that they have a second child on the way it's starting to dawn on them how much money this will cost.

Since we were on the phone, she couldn't really see that my head was down on my desk, my eyes were closed, and I was just breathing deeply to stay calm. Because I don't really give a shit at this point that she wants to live in my school district or will have to pay for pre-K for her little girl. I'm spending almost that much money on IVF and assorted other treatments, so I'm frankly not all that sympathetic.

I'm also just pissed off. She knows we have been trying for a while to get pregnant -- in January we went out to lunch and talked about it, since she was trying for her second and was running around with her LH and FSH numbers in her iphone bitching about how bad they were. Apparently, not as bad as she thought, since three months later she told me that she was 11 weeks pregnant.

So she KNOWS what some of the stress is like, and she KNOWS I am still not pregnant, and yet she goes on and on and on about fucking schools. I don't need elementary schools right now -- right now, the nearby school and all of the moms that linger outside waiting for the bell to ring pushing strollers with their infant second children are more of an instrument of torture than a benefit.

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  1. That totally sucks! Unfortunately, some people's red blinking light is burned out. :(