Tuesday, June 15, 2010

it's done

We transferred the last (one)of our frozen embryos today.

My first cycle in November 2009 resulted in 3 5day blastocysts. We initially transferred one (because it was of course going to work) and then transferred one frozen in Feb.(Again, did the elective single transfer to avoid twins. We laugh about that now.) This was the last of that batch.

I'm trying so hard to be hopeful, and my sweet lovely husband keeps reminding me that this could possibly work, but I'm afraid of getting hurt. I'm trying to let hope sneak in just enough so that the positive thoughts make it down to where it matters in my body, but not so much that I am devastated by the failure. Its pretty much an impossible balance, and I've resigned myself to more pain.

Good thing is, we have a plan in place and are switching clinics and will start again in July. I liked my RE, but need to shake things up a bit. And since we've maxed out on our IF benefit, it's self pay either way. I'm super excited (there is sarcasm there, in case you can't hear it) to start dealing with my savings account being depleted, but am not worrying about that yet, because there is really nothing to do about it except give up, which is not an option.

So today I am resting on the sofa, per my lovely husband's request. He made me lunch and is in charge of dinner. I'll go back to work tomorrow, and then have my next acu appointment (went yesterday, too). But no more gym or yoga. Do any of you exercise in the 2ww? Can you tell me what you do/ don't do? I just want to keep up with my yoga and cardio, but think that's verboten. What do you think about mat pilates? I need positive stories! Please? The exercise is really the only thing that keeps me sane and from blowing up like a balloon, so giving it up is hard.

Its been 1.5 hours and I'm bored with resting already. Getting knocked up is getting to be a drag.


  1. OH! Good luck!! I'll be rooting and hoping that this is a sticky bean.

    You asked about the intralipid transfusion and my RE is a big proponent of testing for immunological reasons behind failed IVFs. So we did a whole bunch of testing and found that I tested bordeline on one test and heterozygous for MTHFR, hence, the intralipid infusion and the heparin. Some studies have shown that intralipid infusions assist in implantation, but it's still pretty controversial.

  2. Keeping my everything crossed for you! I've always avoided exercise in the 2WW except for long, brisk walks with the Dogster. Why not try pre-natal yoga... that should be harmless right :)

    Lots of love

  3. glad the transfer went well and you are resting up!!! was the orientation this morning uneventful?? re: intralipids above, apparently cornell doesn't believe in them. i was gonna ask, but adele already did. i'm scheduling another appt with dr davis to ask more questions, so i plan on asking him what he thinks. i'm basically paying $550 to ask this specific question. how insane am i? hubby wants to come with me, bc he doesn't trust me to not cuckold the doc into giving me extra drugs or what not, so he's really throwing a wrench in my plans :o(

    anyways, rest up and let hubby take care of you! *fingers crossed*

  4. YAY! Good luck to you! This time can work, don't lose hope! I only went for light walks with hubs during my 2ww.

  5. I agree, walking is fine. Bottom line, my RE said, we need to keep me cool, no real rise in body temp so heart rate under 140 and nothing that makes you break a sweat.

  6. I hope you won't mind me being hopeful for you. (You're doing it for me, so it's only fair...) And if you DO mind, TOUGH! It's not like you can stop me! HA!

    I've never had a transfer, but don't exercise during the wait. This is because I am lazy, and I'm afraid to do anything that might jeopardize my chances. (Except drinking coffee...) It's not logical, though, it's emotional.

  7. I'm thinking good thoughts for you!

  8. I do exercise during the 2WW, but as a previous poster said, I have never done IVF, only IUIs. Our RE told us that light-to-moderate exercise is fine then--brisk walking, yoga, Pilates--but not sure if that would also apply post-FET.

    Our RE has told me to avoid anything that elevates my heart rate too much (he's never said what "too much" is, but I keep it under 140) and to avoid elevating my body temperature. . . so no hot tubs or saunas, and where I live, no exercising outdoors (except just after dawn or after sunset).

    I am hoping that this FET is "it" for you. You just never know. . . .

  9. I think walking is best after a transfer. I was told the same thing as S above, especially not to do yoga because it's so bendy or elevate my heart rate too much. You want all the blood flowing to the ute!

    All the best for this transfer! I'm thinking sticky and growy thoughts for you!

  10. Thinking lots of great thoughts for this transfer! I don't have any real thoughts about the exercise thing. I always found the 2ww a great time to have an excuse for why I was lazy all the time. "I'd start exercising now, but I can't so I guess I'll have to wait..."

  11. Keeping everything crossed for you.

  12. I think yoga would be fine - the key is not to get overheated or to twist your abdomen around too much. Hope the relaxing gets easier :).
    Keeping fingers and toes all crossed that this one is the one!

  13. So my data point is just one, but a friend of mine did IVF twice. The first time she proceeded on a normal life after the transfer, swimming, etc. She's really athletic and knew she'd go nuts if she didn't exercise.

    It didn't stick.

    So the second try she planned to spend the following week on the couch watching TV and reading.

    This one worked and she had a cute little baby girl in February 2010.

    I'm following her IVF #2 model and plan to spend a lot of time sitting on my butt for the next week.

    My dr. also said no sex or orgasm.

    I'm sending all kinds of good luck vibes your way! We are on such a similar schedule -- if any of my eggies fertilize tonight we'll transfer on Thursday... I've got so few we won't likely be placed in the position of having to choose how many to transfer.

  14. Good luck! (I'm not a regular exerciser so I have no stories to tell.)

  15. Keeping my fingers crossed for you, my friend! I'm glad you have a Plan B, if only for your soul to know there's a back-up, but I really really hope you don't need it...I don't exercise in the 2ww, other than walking the dog (not that it's done me much good!)...I eat lots and imagine I am a big fat hen sitting on her eggs! Go little embie!

  16. Best wishes! I've got my fingers crossed for you!

  17. Fingers crossed!
    Exercising -- so far I do, but we're not doing treatments [yet]. Yoga sounds like it should be ok. Have you asked your doctors what they recommend?

  18. You've got a blast on board! Everything crossed that s/he is digging in for the long haul. And I wouldn't even contemplate the clinic switch/savings depletion yet...there's time for that, but right now you have a blast in there (and the fact that both blasts - even if the last didn't take - survived the thaw is a very good sign).

    As far as the exercise, it's a tough one. I, too, go absolutely nuts when I have to limit this. My clinic says absolutely no to cardio. As far as yoga, I think it would depend which kind. But even with a softer form, I'd try not to break a sweat. Excruciating, I know:)

    I'm sending you all of my positive thoughts. Grow, baby, grow!

  19. I'm keeping everything crossed for you - I really hope to read about a bfp soon :)