Monday, June 21, 2010

Mrs Crabbypants

That's me. Turns out that when I am anxious and can't exercise and jamming progesterone up into my nether regions 3x daily I get a wee bit cranky.

What else has been making me cranky?
My dog has been sick, so that's freaked me out a bit. On transfer day (Tuesday) while I was parked on the sofa I noticed that he was straining to stand up, and had some weird facial twitching. He'd been pretty lethargic for a day or so, but we figured it was the heat. And so when I saw his hind legs were weak, I freaked out into a huge, sobbing, hysterical mess. Because if anything were to happen to the dog I'm pretty sure that right now I would die. Because my dog is the object of all of the love and affection that I would focus on a child (although I do NOT dress him in silly outfits), and he is also the best. dog. ever. and makes me incredibly happy.

So dog illness caused a bit of a wrinkle in my "relax at home transfer day," but the Boy took him into the vet the next day and as it turns out he caught Lyme disease when we were up the country roaming through the woods. I learned an important lesson: apply the tick medication every 2-3 weeks if you will be in high tick areas. So note to you dog owners -- the ticks in Connecticut are not messing around.

The peanut (our dog) was better after only a few doses of his antibiotics, and all symptoms have now totally disappeared and he's back to himself, but it was really really scary for us to think about something happening to him, especially at a time when we rely on him so much.

Other reasons for cranky? The Boy has been on my very last nerve. There is no good reason for it, and I suspect that I am just being sensitive and difficult (that's his position, at least), and he has been really quite great about being supportive during this infertility thing, but jeeesus has he been bugging the living daylights out of me. I know he's just being himself, but sometimes "himself" is a pain in the ass.

Since he reads this I'll leave it at that (Note: if you are reading this, if you haven't acquired and taken your vitamins I am going to lose my shit and start forcefeeding you the ones we have like a goose being fattened up for fois gras). So I let the bad mood spread and that was pretty much no fun at all. We've recovered mostly, but I did create a bit of a scene Saturday and yesterday, which leached some of the fun from our weekend.

Otherwise? Otherwise I am just not exercising, not drinking booze, and not feeling anything that could even potentially be a side effect. Not even the progesterone is having a physical effect on me. Emotionally, it's made me a basket case (see above) but physically I feel fine.

We will see how things shake out on Friday. Until then, I'm just pretending that nothing is going on at all. Check back with me Wednesday to see if I've gone crazy yet.


  1. Hoping this is a sign of raging hormones in addition to the artificial ones. Glad to hear your peanut is doing OK, that must've been so scary.

    Hang in there, big hugs!

  2. sending you big hugs. i'm hoping that a large part of your moodiness is because you are PREGNANT and that everything resolves itself quickly. that's awesome that your dog got diagnosed and responded so quickly to the drugs. lyme disease does not mess around, it is awful!!

    after my hubby was on his vitamin cocktail for 3 months, and ivf #1 was 1 month away, we (or i, rather) realized that he was only taking half the dose he was supposed to. i flipped. my. shit. my "do i have to do EVERYTHING FOR YOU?" line didn't go over so well with him, but really. i think guys are just not as on top of the game as we are. perhaps an evolutionary thing??? so, that's my excuse for hubbies everywhere. they're not programmed to be as efficient and awesome as us gals are :o)

    hang in there! thinking of you!! xoxoxo

  3. Hey, we're jacked up on so much hormones it's totally normal to be a little bit over the edge.

    All the best for your puppy! I know I would lose my mind if something happened to my cats right now.

    Hang in there, girl!

  4. The poor puppy!!! I'm SO sorry.

    My mom got lymes disease a couple of years ago and you'll laugh at the fact that this was somehow my fault. I wasn't anywhere near her when she got bitten by the tick, as in, I was about 8,000 miles away. But alas, it was my fault because I was with her when her symptoms got bad. Love it.

    I am so with you on all of the frustration stuff, and the no symptoms. I'm injecting myself with 1cc of progesterone into my rather sore arse every night and not one single progesterone-type side effect. I didn't even have and HCG trigger shot side effect. Maybe my body has just decided not to respond to drugs anymore? That would just figure.

    And yes, the guys really try, but it is so freaking hard for them. Last night, my dh came home after dark and I was already in bed. He didn't turn off the porch light and then this morning said that he didn't know how... OMG.

  5. You might be in a cranky mood but your post did make me laugh hard - and snort water through my nose in the process. TMI?
    Hope the crankiness abates and you start getting symptoms with 9 month ramifications!!

  6. Poor pup! I know what you mean - I think I'd lose my freaking mind if anything happened to ours. I'm certain I'm giving him a complex. I keep nuzzling him. But I'm glad you got it figured out (and I am going to take your tip to heart about the tick medicine). But, no, it does NOT sound like a restful day.

    And the progesterone...oh the progesterone. You're not the only one to lose it completely on that stuff. And as far as I see things you're not responsible - not for tantrums or bad moods. It's all in those little torpedoes of hormonal nutsiness, damn them.

    Fingers so very crossed.

  7. Poor pup - I'm glad he's doing better. I can empathise - this time last year our darling little cat was sick and we were both beside ourselves with worry and fear.

    And, I'm with everyone else - here's hoping that it's progesterone + pregnancy which are the causes of your mood!

  8. That progesterone makes you want to lift a car and toss it like the Hulk. You are doing really well here. I'm sorry about the pooch, but damn, lyme disease is serious stuff and I'm glad the nut is on the mend.

    You had me cracking up on the vitamin ala goose fattening here. I need to borrow that line for the daily breakfast inquisition. I'm really hoping that the hormones are out of whack for all good reasons. It is a very optimistic sign.

  9. So glad your pup is okay. Sounds like you've got ample reason for being a bit tense, and hey, even the most wonderful of husbands (like ours) can be intensely annoying at times. I hope the staying sane continues to go well.

  10. My husband still hasn't finished the 3 month course of expensive (!!) male fertility vitamins from last October. It was supposed to be one pill twice a day, and I'm pretty sure he was taking one pill once every 5 days. HOW is that supposed to help anything?
    UGH. Men.
    Thinking of you...hang in there!