Monday, January 18, 2010

Frustrated, part deux

Alas the clinic was closed today, so I couldn't reschedule the appointment for our RE, but yesterday (Sunday) I did get this message from patient services:

Hi! It says in your file we can leave confidential messages on your voicemail, so I just wanted to followup nurse K's call and tell you that since you need a sonohystogram, I've scheduled it right after your consult with the RE on Tuesday. Please call me with any questions."

So I admit, when I heard the annoying nurse's message Saturday afternoon, I deleted it after hearing my blood tests were good to go but before listening to the entire thing, so I missed the whole SHG requirement, so it's pretty good that patient services kindly followed up.

But, umm, isn't the point of the SHG to look at my uterus? Because Tuesday will be day 24 of my cycle, and I'm pretty sure it's not all that good looking in there right now. In fact, everything I see from Dr. is that the SHG should take place between the end of one's period and ovulation. And ladies, as you well know, Day 24 is not there. I was there earlier this month, and could have come in then, and I ostensibly will be there again, but now, well, now it's just kind of a hassle, especially b/c I'm starting a new job in one week, and would prefer not to take a lot of time off. So unless there is something in my Saturday bloodwork that has indicated an SHG is necessary, I'm just wondering why I didn't get asked to do it BEFORE now, and before I started the drugs again. Because what if they find something that will make this FET a bad idea? Then this waiting and lup.ron will have not been very useful, now, will it?

Sigh. I shall just call tomorrow. And be put on hold, and then talk to a nurse, who I hope is a lot nicer than nurse K.

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  1. That is kind of strange....I was thinking back to when I had mine done and it was definitely between period and ovulation. Ergh!