Thursday, April 19, 2012

And now we wait

This cycle did a bit better in terms of yield:
15 retrieved
6 fertilized
6 still going on day 3 (although 2 were kinda cruddy looking and one was mediocre)

Transfer of three lovely 8-celled embryos was yesterday afternoon, and now it's time for waiting.

I hate the waiting. Really. (Yeah, we ALL hate the waiting but I hate it Right. Now.)

Plus, they told me not to lift heavy things, which means I can't pick up my baby for a few days. Sniff.

I'll know what's up by Monday the 30th. That is AGES from now. Thankfully, my mom is coming in for the weekend, so that should be a good distraction.


  1. Those are fantastic numbers!! Sending lots of positive vibes your way and hope this weekend is as restful for you as it can be!

  2. I hope that this cycle gives you the BFP.

  3. Great numbers! Distraction vibes and lovely thoughts are off your direction as you wait this out. 30th feels like ages away!

  4. Yay! Any theories on why so few fertilized your last cycle?

    1. The basic answer is statistics. Fertilization rates with ICSI plot on a normal curve, and so that means someone has to be at the left. They looked at everything again and all looked normal, and the lab overall that day showed no anomalies. Annoying, but good thing I have good insurance!

  5. OMG, YOU ARE TOTALLY GOING TO HAVE TRIPLETS!!!! The 30th does indeed seem a long time to wait. I'm hoping that time passes as quickly as possible under these circumstances.

  6. Waiting with you, friend, and hoping like hell this cycle is it. Hang in there, badass.

  7. i will be wishing for triplets!! wahoo!!! thinking of you and sending all my best vibes! xoxoxoxoxo.

  8. The 30th does sound so far away! But, if you think about it as the Monday after next? Not so bad. (OK, that's totally a lie.)

    Thinking of you and hoping for some embryos digging in!!!

  9. I'm thinking some powerful good thoughts for you - and that's a really good yield. I'm glad your mom is coming into town, too. Hopefully she'll provide so much distraction for you and for your bubs that the time just flies past. (Yes, I realize how unlikely that scenario is).

    Fingers very, very crossed for you.

  10. I hoping the best for you and those embies. And yes, the 30th is an eternity away, I hope your mom and the babe provide good distractions for you!!

  11. Okay, those are some REALLY good odds. I hope knowing you've got a great shot helps you weather this wretched wait. I'll be sending you all my best thoughts.

  12. Wow, that sounds promising! Wishing you all the best and we will all be waiting with you.