Thursday, February 11, 2010


So apparently it's not that easy to have a job and post to a blog. I started my new job on the 26th, and have just been so occupied with it that, while I read posts on my bberry, and sometimes find time to comment, I've not really found the time to post myself.

It might also have something to do with the fact that I'm still prepping for the FET... 3 weeks of lu.pron (and yes, the Boy and I are both still unscarred and alive), and now a whole load of estr.ace to get things ready down below. But it really does feel like this is never going to happen, and when it does, that it is sort of divorced from the whole process in December. Either way, I'm trying like hell to not obsess over this whole IF thing (working, but only sometimes) and am just working on staying with my gym and healthy eating regimen now that I'm back to work.

Anyway, this post is clearly sort of disorganized and lacks a coherent theme, but that's kind of how I feel about the whole TTC thing right now... it's neither here nor there, and while I'm moving towards the FET next week, I very much feel at loose ends.

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  1. Hey - glad to hear from you :). It's probably a good thing that your new job is keeping you busy, right? Less time to dwell...

    Wishing you lots of luck with your upcoming FET!