Friday, February 12, 2010

Inch by inch...

Slowly, slowly we are making progress towards our FET... this is a very different feeling than the first IVF cycle and so it seems somehow less fraught with expectations/ terror/ hope/ etc.

Here's the schedule and where we are:
- 2 weeks of lu.pron 10units -- check
- Begin 2 estrace per day and drop lu.pron down to 5 units for another week -- check
- Start progesterone pessaries 3x daily -- check
- Transfer date: 17 Feb

A couple of things about this cycle:
- lu.pron is such a nothingburger shot after all of the mixing of the stimulation drugs. Seriously, I think I can do it with my eyes closed. Yay for me!
- the lu.pron did not make me as full of inchoate rage this time around. In fact, I had practically no side effects, and no cyst either. Again -- Yay! (and the Boy is incredibly thankful, too, since he was nearly rent limb from limb last go round).
- the estrace pills are really small, and I am really clumsy, which means that I have lost a couple down the drain. Not the end of the world, but making me really grateful for good Rx coverage.
- Pessary. The word somehow makes me think of the word dromedary. So I laugh every time I shove one of them up inside, and am grateful I don't have to put a camel up there.
- 3x per day pessaries? seriously, that's just a whole lotta mess. But I just keep thinking that this is for a good cause.

We actually met with our RE yesterday for a discussion about our embryo quality, and learned that both that were frozen had started to hatch, so that was a good, positive sign.

We also spoke with her about the twin risk, and about doing two SET instead of transferring two back in. We are still undecided for the very important reason that the Boy and I have slightly different perspectives (again -- please please understand that our desire for a singleton pregnancy is just what is right for us as a family, and should not be taken as our opinions on other people's choices):
- I would be more unhappy to hear I was not pregnant than I would be unhappy to hear I was having twins
- the Boy would be more unhappy to hear we were having twins than he would be to hear I was not pregnant.

But the Boy is reasonable, and knows that a lot of the burden falls onto me, so I ultimately get to make the decision (yikes). Here's what I think is likely to happen: we somehow end up with identical twins, regardless of how many I put back. Because my life is just ironic like that.


  1. You come to expect the odd to happen right? I was surprised to find out from my donor that this is the first generation to not have any twins. Um, twins run in your family? Now I'm just laughing. :) You'll make a good decision. :)

  2. I'm just excited for you no matter what you choose, your embryos sound ready! and soon you will be too! next week, wow, I'll be crossing my fingers for you!

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