Tuesday, February 28, 2012

#2 7dp3dt

And here we are. Nothing much to report on the "am I pregnant or not" front, except to note that I far preferred the progesterone suppositories to the enormous needle I stick into my rear end every evening.

Seriously, though, no symptoms at all -- not from the HCG or from the 1cc of progesterone I take daily.

If I believed it mattered, I would say that the last cycle I did that resulted in a pregnancy I also was completely symptomless, so that this is a good sign. But I don't really put much stock in that. (Ok, my brain doesn't. But the heart? The heart wants to believe.)

Beta is on MONDAY, which is like aeons away (they don't do them on the weekends).

In other news, B is growing increasingly confident with his walking (can go 5-10 feet on his own, although he is like Frankenstein with his arms out and legs kind of stiff), and continues to astound me with his vocabulary. Saturday, he pointed at my watch and said "watch." To which I responded "holy shit!" which, retrospectively, was ill-advised since he is learning and repeating words very rapidly. And he can now say the dog's name, and Dada, and his nanny's name. Mama? Not so much. But despite his preference for everyone but me, his mommy loves him very much and thinks he is the most wonderful baby in the whole world.

Caption for the attached: "Give me that cake now! I don't want any low sugar banana bread bullshit. I want the chocolate cake."


  1. The cake looks so very tasty. Yum, I love cake.

    Good luck on testing. I hope that you are indeed pregnant.

  2. I'll be thinking of you and hoping for high beta numbers!

  3. I have been thinking of you and hoping hard!

    That cake looks amazing. Apparently I am the only mom ever lame enough to not have decorated my baby's FIRST birthday cake (but I did go in for the chocolate, I'm glad I'm not alone there). P still doesn't say anything, so I am kinda jealous of "watch". That's amazing. I can't even imagine P ever saying something like that. I guess she'll have to move on from "da" eventually, though.

  4. Oh, he is SOOOO gorgeous. I can just imagine the franken-walk... I am envious of the talking--so looking forward to that. And everyone knows babies learn words for things that are of secondary importance first. He'll get the key ones (Mama, coffee, cheeseburger) any day now.

    Meanwhile, I'm so hoping and praying all those ass-shots, and everything that came before, is worth it. Monday is indeed a billion years from now, but I'll be sure to keep my fingers crossed until then.

  5. your boy is a genius -- i can't get over his vocabulary! happy first birthday!!! and I have every finger and toe crossed in anticipation of your beta. those progesterone needles were really the worst part from my perspective. you are amazing!

  6. I want that cake. Thinking positive and hopeful thoughts for you, and smiling at the Frankenstein vision.

  7. Good luck with beta! Hoping for a bfp and a sibling for your precious little guy :).


  8. Such a cutie!!!

    Sending amazingly positive thoughts your way.

  9. Fingers super duper extra crossed for you today.