Tuesday, February 21, 2012

So here we are...

I am lying in bed resting pos t transfer. There is one "very good looking, almost perfect" embryo nestled in, and one more not quite so handsome embryo hanging out in a dish for a few more days to see if it will make it to freeze at 5 days.

The numbers? Retrieved 14 eggs, 11 mature. But only 2 fertilized, which had me all sorts of freaked out this weekend, and of course it was a long weekend and no one knew anything and I spent all morning and most of Sunday and yesterday panicking that they both were gong to die off. But they didnt and my happy embryo is now back with me.

(side note and rant: I don't refer to embryos as "embies" nor do I think follicles are "follies.". For some reason the infantilization of the language of conception strikes me as demeaning and even slightly patriarchal, like "look at those little girls playing with their eggies and their dollies. " I feel we need to respect our own maturity and fortitude a little more than that. I'm sure I sound like a huge bore, but there you go. Been stewing about that for a bit.)

Anyway, more research to do about why only 2 fertilized, but still waiting for the embryology and andrology reports to get to my dr. But what he said this morning also resonates with me: that even with Icsi, which we used, fertilization numbers are on a bell curve and sometimes fewer fertilize. Usually it's 70 or so percent, but sometimes it is just less, and that is also normal. Anyway, since we were only going to put one back in anyway ( yep, still the crazy eSet couple), this worked out ok!


  1. Hey, congrats on the transfer. I've got no idea why so few would fertilize...does that indicate egg quality issue?

    (And I'm with you on the "follies," etc. The term "embababy" I've seen batted about particularly irks me, as embryos are NOT babies, no matter how desired conception is...esp given all the legal battles about "personhood")

    Anyhoo...here's hoping that lovely embryo does indeed turn into a lovely baby in about 9 months! Keep us updated!

  2. I am very excited and hopeful for you! I agree with you on 'embies', 'embabies', 'snow babies', and 'follies'... but 'PUPO' is a pretty good one :)

  3. This is great news. Almost perfect is WONDERFUL (and hopefully number two will make it to freeze).

    You're right about "embies" and "follies". I never thought about it like that but, yeah, you're right. And women who go through this deserve medals for bravery, not to be patted on the head.

  4. WOOOOO HOOOO! So glad you're safely stocked up with a fine lookin' embryo. I'll be keeping my fingers crossed that this non-infantilized specimen will soon be an infant.

  5. that's it! i've never quite articulated to myself why i dislike the embie/follie business, but now you've done it for me! THANK YOU.

    i am beaming all good thoughts at your wonderful embryos.

  6. CONGRATULATIONS! Is B letting you rest and meditate on enticing that little fertilized egg to implant and nestle in? Can I say "nestle in"? ;)

    wouldn't it just be the coolest coincidence if we did go through pregnancy #2 together? I am still in disbelief that there is any chance that I would stay pregnant if I didn't have towork really hard for it. No symptoms over here either... hm.

  7. Sending great vibes that your embryo is continuing to dig in for the long haul!!!

  8. i always type out embies and follies even though i say embryos and follices in real life, bc i'm LAZEE and it's so much faster to type. but i hear what you're saying. when is beta?? very very excited for you. i think B needs a little playmate :o) xoxo.