Wednesday, February 8, 2012

My life by the numbers

372 -- days my baby has been out in the world. How did that go by so fast?
11 -- people who came over to lunch on Sunday to celebrate the big day. (No, there was no pony, no clown and no face painting. Just family having lunch and cake.)
8 -- maximum number of steps B has taken by himself. It's been a steep curve starting from his first step on Friday. I think we have walking. Wow!
2 -- boxes of Kleenex I have gone through at the office since Thursday as I have a cold that will NOT go away
2 -- shots I have given myself every night for the last five days
1 -- big bruise so far from hitting a blood vessel
9 -- follicles found on my ovaries at monitoring this morning
1 -- random acquaintance I have seen at the clinic

Obviously there is a lot going on at casa Irrational, but I am slammed at work but just wanted to get out a short post. I'm kind of amazed I am keeping it all together -- much more to say, but running to a meeting.


  1. Hope the party was a success, but bummer you've been feeling under the weather. 9 follies...that's awesome!!

  2. Definitely sounds like a lot is going on!! Happy Birthday to B!! And, GOOD LUCK with the shots and those great follies!!

  3. Hey, so are you IVFing then? Wow!

    1. Yep -- IVF #3 (or #1 Round 2, depending on how you count. Crazy!

  4. A lot going on here... my initial reaction is to cringe about the random acquaintance. AWK-WARD!!! But huge, happy birthday wishes to B, and GOOD LUCK with those follies. I am sure there's a winner in there. Or I hope. Depending on how much confidence you're comfortable with at the moment :).

  5. Hi i’m Heather! I have a question for you! Please email me :)

  6. Hey 9 is a pretty good number. Hope you get to retrieve just as many too. Happy Birthday B!

  7. lunch and cake! thank you for writing those words -- i've been fretting over what to do for the bean's birthday (small space, don't know whom to invite, yadda yadda), and even though lunch and cake is pretty much what i'd been thinking would work, somehow seeing you write it makes it seem so sane and possible and perfectly appropriate.

  8. the ppl you see in that waiting room. remember how i saw my future boss (future as in, she was starting THE NEXT WEEK and i had JUST met her the day before) in the waiting room and i went to hide in the bathroom bc i didn't want her to see me? and then they screamed out my FIRST and LAST name while the nurse was standing right next to her? ugh. that was not a good day. anyhoo, have been sending you good vibes. hope you are feeling well :o) xoxo.

  9. 9 is a freaking excellent number in my book! super congrats on what sounds like a busy but very happy time, minus the yucky cold.

  10. NO CLOWN?!?!?! OH MY HEAVENS. But for reals, I'm so amazed and happy that B is already a year old. Incredible. And walking! Wow.

    I am also a big fan of the small birthday approach. And so hopeful one of those follicles is going to be Bs sister or brother.