Thursday, March 22, 2012

Stuff that bugs me

OK, this post is definitely all about being bitter, infertile, old and kind of pissed off that my IVF cycle didn't work. But with that out of the way...

My pregnant 33 y.o. coworker is bugging the living sh*t out of me. And not because she is pregnant, but because she is being ridiculous. Here's how:
- She told her whole family and some of her friends that she was pregnant right after a positive pregnancy test
- She told people in the office at 11 weeks (OK, this one isn't so bad...)
- She is fully in maternity clothes at this point. (Seriously? My view is that you get bored with your limited stock of maternity wear and so should hold off before you go all in...)
- She has stopped regular exercise and is going to prenatal yoga.
- We took the subway to a meeting and she asked someone for a seat
- Her mom bought her a crib and they set it up in the room that she now refers to as the nursery.

Yeah, yeah -- I know that I should just mind my own business and shut up, but she's 14 weeks pregnant for chrissakes. The crib is what really put me over the edge. It's just ridiculous that they already put it together. Absurd.

OK. That's all. I'm sure there will be more, but for right now that's all the cattiness I can muster.


  1. I don't blame you, those things do sound a bit ridiculous. In that case, I just try not to give them anymore attention, and once they realize you aren't interested 'hopefully' they back off from saying things like that around you.

  2. Yeah, that's a bit ridiculous. I can't muster up most of those things and I'm 26 weeks. Blah.

  3. Ahhh...the naivete of the fertile. So very irritating, isn't it? 14 weeks and in maternity clothes? Really? I mean, really? And a crib? Really?


  4. I hear you. But I was wearing maternity pants--out of necessity--at 10 weeks even in my first pregnancy. Some of us just pack it on pretty fast :) On the other side, I wore some regular shirts/sweaters right up until delivery with both kids.

    1. I hear you, but you are a teensy eensy small person. She is not, and so I am still annoyed :-)

  5. Freakin fertile! The crib shit would drive me nuts, I barely got mine put together before the bebe arrived. I'm so glad noone's prego in my office I might have to punch them.

  6. Absurd. I didn't venture into maternity wear until I couldn't fit into regular clothing anymore. The crib and the seat thing would have sent me over the edge. Horrible.

  7. I'm horribly jealous of "la la la everything will be fine" preggos. To reproduce blithely and cluelessly, without ever having to face grueling disappointments or ultimate devastation is... well, it's how it should be. Sux2beUS!

  8. Kind of early for her to be doing all those things. I can't blame you for getting a bit miffed.

  9. SIGH. It's bad enough she gets to be all "I live in a land of sunshine and rainbows", but the fact that she talks about it enough to inflict it on others is really, really unfair. I hope she will just SHUT UP soon...

    And if she starts complaining about how rough it is to be pregnant in a few weeks, please punch her for me.

  10. I really dont understand the mental place of
    positive pregnancy test = baby
    I'm annoyed by her too... the subway bit is particularly OMG eye roll.

  11. the crib. that pushes all my buttons. kind of like people i am aware of who went out registering while the pee was still wet on the stick.

    the maternity clothes i will let slide, because i lost my waist while still losing weight in the first 8 weeks. i put off buying maternity clothes because i am cheap, but i still basically needed two sets. (and i am not tiny.)

    but go ahead and punch her for me, too, if/when any melodramatic complaining begins.