Thursday, March 8, 2012

Distraction of sorts

Monday morning I got the news that a months worth of shots and early-ass appointments were for naught.

Monday was also the year anniversary of my grandfather's death, and he and I were very very close.

Monday at 5pm our babysitter cancelled so I had to miss a dinner out (and was therefore home solo).

Monday at 550pm I get a text from our nanny that B's pooping has, well, increased markedly, and she is worried he is sick.

Monday at 7pm right before bedtime I get vomited on. Like something out of the movies, except that the vomiter is not a scary alien but a somewhat confused but still relatively cheerful 13 month old baby. Who knew a baby could hold so much stuff? After stripping us both down and taking a shower, baby goes to bed and I begin the process of cleaning up the wreckage.

Tuesday 8am back at work. Very very busy. B is totally fine, but on bland diet and no milk.

Wednesday 128am wake up nauseous. No, not pregnant. Oh shit, it's the stomach thing. Am up hourly until 5am. Really very unhappy. DH appears to sleep through it all.

Wednesday 630am B awake. Am shivering and covered in sweat and do not move for the remainder of the day.

Thursday 645am feel human. Get call from nanny that she has been felled by the disease. Email work again. Do my best to work from home, and B accommodates by taking 2 1.5 hour naps exactly when I have conference calls. Congratulate myself on being supermom. Then promptly let him smack his head on sandbox in playground. Rescind supermom award.

Thursday 7pm. Try eating some food. Poor idea. Stomach cramps for a couple of hours. Get period for good measure.

Friday 630am. Up and at 'em! Spend morning with B, who demands breakfast upon waking since he cannot have his baba (although he yells for it all the time) and then head to work.

Friday 9am. Try eating muffin. More stomach cramps. Perhaps more chamomile tea instead.

Friday 9.30am. Get "I am 3 months pregnant" email from coworker who was worried about how long it was taking in October. Feel like I have been punched in the chest.

Friday 10.40am Decide that this week has been a bit of a sh.itshow and wish it would end soon. No tears or hysterics on anyone's part (yet), but not an awesome week.

But starting BCPs tomorrow for another round.


  1. oooooh lordy. that is a heck of a week. i'm sorry, for the tummy flu (yuck), the period (sigh), the email from the coworker (groan). I think it may be time to call it a week, and hibernate til next week :)

  2. Shit show is right. A friend whose entire family came down with The Bug was told by her pediatrician that it's Norovirus. It seems to be felling more families right now than timber companies take out trees. Everyone we know has been hit.

    So sorry for the shitty, shitty week. That e-mail must have been the cherry on top.

    Onward to the next round. Crossing everything for you.

  3. We had that, too. Horrors upon horrors. I think the whole city has gotten it. Sorry you are among the casualties.

  4. Sorry it was negative. What a crappy week you had. I hope things get better this coming week.

  5. Damn, that is one shitty week. At least B was a cheerful vomiter, and other than that, only hit his head once :).

    I am glad you are moving forward so quickly with another round. At least you don't have to wait out a cycle. FUCK, what am I saying? Total shit show that you're not pregnant and had to deal with obnoxious preggos and viruses.

  6. Well that just sucks! I hope this next week is better.

  7. OH HONEY. How completely wretched. Heaven forbid you could just curl up with this terrible disappointment in peace...

    A big f*ck you to your coworker. And another one to your virus. Sending hope for peaceful days ahead and a joyous end to round 2.

  8. Somehow I missed this last week. That just sounds like a crappy, crappy, crappy week. Damn it all.

  9. ah man... its been something similar over here too. must be something in the water these days. i hope you are feeling better soon!