Saturday, December 10, 2011

I have emerged victorious

About a month ago our HR department held its benefits open season presentation and informed us that we were switching health insurance carriers from Oxford to Cigna. Aside from the tremendous pain in the ass of switching doctors, learning a new computer system, etc., we were told that our coverage was essentially the same so there was nothing much to worry about.

But since this isn't my first rodeo, I figured I would call up our "benefits services" company and ask about our infertility coverage. Turns out that our benefits services people didn't even understand that we currently had $10K of advanced infertility coverage (IVF and IUI) in addition to full coverage for all ultrasounds, drugs, etc. And what they told me about our new coverage? That we had none. Well, that's not entirely true. They told me that our new coverage "met the state mandate" in NY (coverage of testing and treatment of medical causes of infertility. So if I had a blocked tube, and needed that sorted out, all covered. If I had crappy eggs and wanted to do IUI with injectables, no dice.

Clearly, that was not "equivalent coverage" so I marched myself into our Chief Admin Officer's office and began the first of a series of very awkward conversations about infertility benefits and coverage levels. Now, let's put aside for a second how imprudent it is to discuss one's potential future desires to be pregnant and out on maternity leave. The uncomfortable conversations where I had to explain to him that artificial insemination and ivf were different things (and what each were) were just really so awkward as to be comical.

Long story short, after 3 weeks of working directly with our new insurance company (because despite my infertility treatment tutorial, the CAO deferred sorting this out to me, leading me to wonder whether I could get part of his large salary), we now have even better benefits.

Our new coverage covers everything. The only limits are:
- if you (female) are over 45, you don't qualify for ivf
- you have to be able to document that you have been trying to get pregnant for 2 years (under 35) and 1 year (over 35)
- 4 complete lifetime retrievals are covered. No limit on the transfers.
- All drugs are covered

So we are good to go. As are all of the other people in my office. No one else knows that I did this, and there is no one that I really think needs telling, but I am happy I could ensure that others have this same coverage.

Pat Pat (that's me, patting myself on the back).


  1. Well done! And that's awesome coverage, too.

  2. Welp, that pretty much cinches it: YOU. ARE. ONE. BADASS. MUTHA.


  3. Victorious indeed! Holy shit this coverage rocks! You must take advantage, yes?! And I vote for you definitely getting a portion of ur cao's salary. You did d his/her work after all! Xoxo.

  4. That is actually completely amazing. I work in a field where we are trying to get businesses to make sure their insurers cover BASIC ambulatory hypertension without success. You rock!

  5. That is simply amazing coverage. Really well done!

  6. Astonishing, honestly. You are a rock star. Now, with all that excellent coverage, you are likely to be a pregnant rockstar soon too!

  7. That is beyond awesome. You're a rock star!!!!

  8. It's one small step for an individual woman (or maybe not) but definitely one giant step for womankind. Good for you.

  9. Wow, I am so impressed! On every level. You are amazin in not only overcoming the awkwardness, but in getting shit DONE. My hat is off to you.

  10. Wow, good for you! That is amazing :).