Friday, December 2, 2011

How soon we forget.

I recently had an HSG (that's hysterosalpingogram for the uninitiated). Why didn't I remember how much that sucked? Was I more willing to deal with the pain and the anxiety and the hassle last time before there was B? Or am I just older (2+ years) and wimpier now? Either way, having glowing dye shot up into one's uterus is really f*ing uncomfortable. But, no scarring from the c-section, so we are all good.

Going in next week for annual OBGYN exam and to get all my tests updated. Looks like we are moving forward.

Meanwhile, I leave you with this. Yeah, he's a bit big for the tub and he's lapping bathwater out of the soapdish, but as long as he's having fun....


  1. Love it! He's such a little boy now, hardly a baby at all.

    My first HSG was no biggie, but my second was agony. Totally not excited about a third, should that be required. I'm really glad yours showed no problems. Forward sounds like the place to be moving.

  2. What a super cute bath tub shot! I have one of Mads that is almost identical. How funny is that? I have since moved her into the big tub, but she has issues with my "must sit down in the bathtub" rule and has slid under the water a couple of times. Not her favorite thing...

    I am so proud of you for jumping back into the fertility journey!!! you are so incredibly brave. Just thinking about it makes my skin crawl. I am sending you lots and lots and lots of good luck!!!

  3. What a cute little bum!

    Yeah, I don't think I'll ever forget my HSG. I think I might ask to be knocked out if I have to have another one! Sorry it was bad this time around!!

    Good luck moving forward!

  4. My one and only hsg was pain like I never felt. I thought I was being staple gunned down there and I was very very surprised that dh didn't hear me screaming from the waiting room. If I ever have to do it again, I am asking for pain meds before hand. Or I will go very drunk bc to do that fully sober is no fun.

  5. So cute!!! Penelope likes to crawl into and out of her bath too (and likes to splash in as wide a radius as possible). I love those little buns!

    Sorry about the HSG. I think that it makes sense that you'd be less likely to be able to put up with the pain from your current psychological state (with a baby, and not yet- hopefully never- frustrated with current ttc efforts).

  6. Shit. My first hsg was torture; I was hoping a repeat wouldn't be so bad.

    Hooray for bath time!

  7. That is one cute baby behind! We moved into the big bathtub as soon as Isaac could sit up, and he loves it. He felt too confined in the baby bath, I think. It got in the way of his splashing ;).