Wednesday, November 9, 2011

In which my husband purchases a pregnancy test

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I got my period the day B turned 7 months. Then, about 29 days later, I got it again. B is 9 months and a week old, and I'm still waiting. That's a cycle of 40 days, and that's waay longer than normal for me.

I know that it takes a while for cycles to even out post pregnancy (and I called my OB and she reminded me of this fact), but it would be SO nice just to miraculously be pregnant. I know it is not the case and I know it is not even remotely likely, but magical thinking is sometimes very therapeutic, you know?

I told DH over the weekend that my period was late. He sort of panicked. And then proceeded to ask me "is it here yet" every 8 minutes. Or so it seemed. And on Monday he was at the store and picked up some fancy HPTs. Two to a box.

That night, I used one. I know you are supposed to test in the morning, but you couldn't just put the sticks in front of me and expect me not to use them for 12 hours, right? So I did, and it was negative. And I was surprisingly disappointed, because I thought that this would have really very nicely resolved the disagreement over how (if) to go about having a second child that we are having. And everyone would have won.

And then some spotting started last night (just a wee bit), and today there is just a wee bit more. But that isn't usually how I roll on a monthly basis. Once the spotting starts, the full on flow is usually only a few hours behind. So now I am perplexed. And weirdly, foolishly hopeful again. Which seems more cruel than fair, since I've taken the first HPT but I still have neither my period nor a positive result.

I know that if I use the second of the fancy-dancy HPTs tomorrow morning, my period will come on strong by 10-11am or so. Either way, I'd like to just get on with it and move forward.


  1. A miracle pregnancy sure would make things easier, right? A girl can dream :).

  2. Oh fun for you. Not really. After I had my first child my periods were all jacked up. 14 day cycle, then a 42 day cycle, and everything in between. It sucked. I kind of feel like it was the beginning of the end. But hey, I got one more out of it. I have not started yet, so not sure what this time will hold for me.

  3. mindfucking is no fun. why don't uteri get that?

    i'm curious about what DH's reaction was. also disappointed?

  4. Shucks! I am still hoping for a miracle pregnancy, though perhaps not this particular cycle. But I'm charmed that your husband is so filled with optimism that he bought HPTs. GO him!

  5. Ugh!!!! Negative hpt's already??? Not fair. I hope your period evens out soon. Mine is still not back yet.

  6. Hoping for that miracle pregnancy!

  7. I hope that soon you are on a more regular cycle.

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