Monday, June 13, 2011

We're still here!

I had no intention of waiting a month between posts, and I have composed many in my head during this time, but somehow I never seem to find the time or the mental space to make it happen (and I haven't been able to pull it off while hooked up to the milking machine, fancy portable iPad notwithstanding). I don't want this to be a summary post, as that doesn't really interest me, so I will hopefully this will be the first in a series of posts that have been in a holding pattern. But seriously, with my recent track record? Who knows.

So what has been going on? I love my little boy more than I ever thought possible. I love the way he smells, the way he holds my little finger when I am feeding him, how he smiles at me when he sees me, and turns his head when he hears my voice. I love his laugh, and most of all I love love love his little voice, since he has been cooing like crazy these last few days. He is so sweet and so earnest and is trying to desperately to communicate. My eyes well up with tears pretty much every time it happens, but I don't want him to think that talking makes me cry (but it does!). I can't really figure out why the cooing just melts my heart, but I think its because it is his individuality coming through for the first time, and I can see how he will one day use that same voice to make words.

Here's a recent photo -- he looks like such a little boy in this picture and he's a bit confused because he just rolled over and is not quite sure what happened....


  1. He is so cute! Yes, I agree. The voice is absolutely heart melting.

    (typing one-handed on my ipad as I pump...)

  2. so cute!!! glad to hear you are well!!

  3. He continues to be amazingly precious. And the cooing thing--makes total sense. It's little preview of his voice, plus babies only coo when they're content (right?), so it must seem like his way of saying "You're the most awesome, Mama, and I love you!"

  4. Very cute. Glad all is well.

  5. Aww. So sweet. :)

    And, seriously, what a cutie!

  6. He does look like such a big boy in this pic! Such a cutie :).
    I get tears in my eyes when Isaac smiles at me - it takes my breath away! I can only imagine how I'll feel when he starts babbling and cooing.

  7. He is so beautiful! Such perfect little features. It is amazing when they try to 'talk'... and so much more of that to come! I'm so glad everything is good with you!